Notation based on Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Operational Company Kabuku Inc.
Operational Director Masahiko Inada
Location 1F Watabishi Building, 5-17-17 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022, Japan
Tel +81-3-6380-2750
Business Hours 10AM-6PM on weekday
Inquiry Please use contact form.
Sales Price Each product has its own price.
Required charge except for price of products Buyer: tax, shipping fee
Seller: None
Payment Method Paypal/Credit card
Time of Payment When order process completed
Time of Shipping Within 1-4 weeks of order process completed.
Policy of returning products. We can not accept products which are returned by customer's reasons. Please check products well before buying. If any problem with products you buy e.g. defective occur, please contact us via contact form within 5 days of arrival of products.