Rinkak Takes Part in “Autodesk Gallery Pop-Up Tokyo”!

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From 10/23 to 11/8 in 2015 at Omotesando, Tokyo, “Autodesk Gallery Pop-Up Tokyo” with many examples of digital fabrication from all over the world is being held by “Autodesk”, a world leading 3D software corporation.

And this time, 3D Printing Collaboration Projects between Rinkak and Japanese Traditional Craftsmanship “mOment KUMO”, “SUMISAYA”, “urushi” and a 3D printing mass customization project for TOYOTA i-ROAD are nominated and exhibited.

Rinkak members are really proud and happy to be nominated and be part of a world-renowned showcase.
We want to say thanks to all people cooperated in the projects and our Rinkak users for all the support!

Let us make a brief report of the exhibition.
(The detail info is listed below.)

The exhibition was held at Ba-Tsu Art Gallery, Omotesando.
A giant Autodesk logo “A” suddenly appears among fashionable boutiques, cafes, and beauty salons.

There are many innovative products such as Nike, Airbus, and Nervous System that buzzed the news around the 3D printing industry.
The space and layout is neatly planned so that you can take your time to see them one by one.

There are 3D printers, razor cutting machines, milling machines, and UV printers in the digital fabrication space on the second floor. During the exhibition, you can see or use these machines, materials and Autodesk’s software in a workshop supported by FabLab Shibuya.

mOment KUMO” collaborated with Aizome (indigo dye) craftsmen, “SUMISAYA” collaborated with Katana craftsmen, and “urushi” collaborated with Urushi (lacquer) craftsmen are being exhibited. Sketches and photos of the development are also being exhibited.

There is even a space outside with some large-size designs.

The designs from a 3D printing mass customization project for TOYOTA i-ROAD are exhibited.

The body parts are the ones that actual i-ROAD users customized through a Rinkak special website, and used on road.
Don’t miss this opportunity to see such such huge 3D printing products.

With many highly innovative designs and prototypes, it is definitely the most spectacular exhibition that had ever been presented in Tokyo focusing on digital fabrication technologies.

Talk events by leading key figures and community networking events, are also being held every night.
Rinkak staffs will also host a talk event and will share their thoughts and secret story.
(Click here for the detail and reservation)

There are still some days left, so please take this opportunity to get in touch with the latest 3D printers, technologies and designs.
Looking forward to seeing you in the exhibition!!!

[Exhibition Details]
Day: From 10/23 (Fri.) to 11/8 (Sun.) in 2015.
Time: From noon to 6:00 pm
Evening events: From 7:00 pm (Some of the events require registration)
Place: Ba-Tsu Art Gallery (Tokyo Shibuya-ku Jingumae 5-11-5)
Website: www.autodesk.co.jp/popup

Yasu Yokoi

オーストラリア育ち、多摩美大卒業。ニコンにて一眼レフ等のデザイン戦略から量産まで横断的に従事。iF、RedDot等受賞。 2014年にカブクにインダストリアルデザイナーとして参画。 Grew up in Australia, graduated Tama Art University. At Nikon, designed e.g. DSLRs and involved in wide areas from strategy to production. Received iF, RedDot, etc. Joined Kabuku as an Industrial Designer in 2014. (http://www.yasuhideyokoi.com/)


Rinkak Takes Part in “Autodesk Gallery Pop-Up Tokyo”!

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