Thanks for All Your Support! @ Maker Faire Tokyo 2015

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Thanks to all visitors at the Maker Faire Tokyo 2015 held on August 1st and 2nd!
At our Rinkak booth and workshop, we were able to welcome more visitors than expected, and had a wonderful time sharing awesome ideas and meaningful feedbacks.

For those who weren’t able to come, to share the excitement, let us post some photos taken on site.

In this year’s exhibition, we displayed many popular designs that are uploaded to Rinkak marketplace including the winners of the Rinkak 3D Printing Design Contest.
Also, we showed all of our materials such as wood-like, ceramics and metals.
Furthermore, to celebrate this annual event, we carried out a 3D scanning campaign, scanning every participant’s face and later gave away the mask 3D data for free.

Maker Faire Tokyo 2015 launched!!

So this is how the mask looks like in 3D printed full color sandstone. Surprisingly real!

Our well-trained staff scanned more than 200 people!

We brought many of the popular designs on Rinkak marketplace. Many visitors were also inspired to touch and feel various materials such as full color sandstone, very unique wood-like and full color plastic that has just been launched.

Along with the booth exhibition, together with Autodesk, we carried out a workshop to utilize Fusion 360 to enjoy customize and 3D print the PET bottle caps.

The venue was full of enthusiasts until the last minute!

The weekend passed by like a flash with full of energy and excitement!
Definitely, we’ll be back again next year with more exciting news, products, materials and campaigns.
Hope to see you then!

Yasu Yokoi

オーストラリア育ち、多摩美大卒業。ニコンにて一眼レフ等のデザイン戦略から量産まで横断的に従事。iF、RedDot等受賞。 2014年にカブクにインダストリアルデザイナーとして参画。 Grew up in Australia, graduated Tama Art University. At Nikon, designed e.g. DSLRs and involved in wide areas from strategy to production. Received iF, RedDot, etc. Joined Kabuku as an Industrial Designer in 2014. (


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Thanks for All Your Support! @ Maker Faire Tokyo 2015

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