Rinkak New Project ”READY-MADE HACK” Launched! (#1-1)

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Spring season has finally arrived here in Japan and Rinkak has just launched, "READY-MADE HACK"; a perfect project to kickoff the season!
In this blog, I would like to introduce this new project, and explain the first theme "PET Bottle Caps".


READY-MADE HACK is a collection site within Rinkak for free format 3D data and custom (hacked) designs.

Even if you come up with good ideas, it is quite an workload to create 3D data from scratch.
We believe we can support you realize your idea into 3D print products by providing free format data such as PET bottle mouths & caps, power plugs & sockets.
What's more, the data is validated based on Rinkak reverse-engineering staff.

Furthermore, to stimulate your creativity, the project will be introducing examples of format data application, hack-designed by Rinkak staffs.
The 3D data of the designs are also opened for free.
Please feel free to make use of them, according to suggested Creative Commons License.

Just like other projects, we hope to develop "READY-MADE HACK" as strong part of Rinkak's core concept: create new co-creative fabrication platform.
Please look forward to upcoming series of the project.
Needless to say, we welcome any request and feedback from you!

First Series: PET Bottle Caps

For the first series for READY-MADE HACK, we selected the theme: PET bottle caps.
As they are highly commoditized and familiar to our daily life, they are perfect for the first theme, and will surely let you come up with many interesting custom ideas.

Format Data

PET bottle mouths and caps are different according to brands.
Now, we have provided 3 types and opened 3D data of them for free download.
The actual 3D data development (this process is also called, "Reverse Engineering") was carried out by Rinkak staffs with meticulous measuring and furthermore, actual testing with 3D print-outs.

From meticulous reverse engineering, developed highly precise 3D format data.

Custom Design

Based on developed format 3D data, Rinkak engineers and designers came up with many custom ideas, created 3D models and actually 3D printed.
I would like to introduce some of the designs.

A handle that can be mounted on PET bottles.
The hook is also designed inside the hook for products to hang such as chemical light sticks.

A watering can that can be mounted on PET bottles.

A watering can that can be mounted on PET bottles.
The design version is "Work In Process": a mid stage design, however, it is ready for testing.
In READY-MADE HACK, we will opening also mid stage design that is still in process.
Your feedbacks and requests are welcome!

A straw holder for two that can be mounted on PET bottles.

Turn your PET bottles into maracas instantly.
Put whatever material inside and find your own sound!

Turn your PET bottles into dumbbell instantly!
You can even add up to 6 bottles!!!

Next Blog

In the next blog, I would like to pick one from the hacked designs, and show step-by-step how the design was actually 3D modeled. Stay tuned!


Photo Model: Mii-kun

Many thanks for playing around with them.
Honestly, I was a bit worried while handling them so hard, however it surely was a good endurance test!

Yasu Yokoi

オーストラリア育ち、多摩美大卒業。ニコンにて一眼レフ等のデザイン戦略から量産まで横断的に従事。iF、RedDot等受賞。 2014年にカブクにインダストリアルデザイナーとして参画。 Grew up in Australia, graduated Tama Art University. At Nikon, designed e.g. DSLRs and involved in wide areas from strategy to production. Received iF, RedDot, etc. Joined Kabuku as an Industrial Designer in 2014. (http://www.yasuhideyokoi.com/)


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