Q1:I can’t make a purchase with my credit card.

It is possible that there is an error with the card you are using.

Please check the details below

  • Exceeding the credit limit
  • An incorrectly input card number
  • The expiry date
  • An incorrectly input security code
  • If the cause is none of the above, it is possible that a system error is occurring. Please contact us on the [rinkak contact form]


    Q2:What is the timing of payments made with PayPal and with a credit card?

    Payment is settled when an email accepting the customer’s order is transmitted after the order request from the rinkak cart page has been confirmed.


    Q3:How can I use coupon code?

    You can input coupon code in purchase procedure. Inserting coupon code in the box, discounting price will be automatically calculated. As normal way, please implement shipping setting and then place an order.