Q1:What data formats can be used for manufacture?

Data formats usable for manufacture

  • OBJ
  • STL
  • PLY
  • VRML(wrl)

  • Set the unit of measurement to millimeters (mm). We support OBJ, VRML (wrl) for full color 3D data. When uploading with an included texture file (in PNG, JPG, and BMP format), please upload the files together in a single ZIP file.
    We do not support file formats other than those listed above.


    Q2:Can VRML (WRL) data with colored vertices be formed in full color?

    Yes, this is possible. Even if there is no texture, as long as there is color data attached to the vertices of the object it can be formed in full color.


    Q3:What should I do in order to form 3D data with attached texture in full color?

    The formats that support full color are OBJ or VRML (WRL) files. In the case of OBJ, put the OBJ file, the texture file and the MTL file into a single zip file and upload it to rinkak. In the case of WRL, put the WRL file and the texture file into a single zip file and upload it to rinkak.


    Q4:What should I do if there is a data which requires multiple parts per product?

    As long as the product require multiple parts per product, display parts on a product and then upload a file.


    Q5:What is available name for uploading data?

    Half-width alphanumeric can be used as data name. Any double-byte characters, space (blank) and signal are not suitable. Even if multiple data like texture are included in zip, you should obey this rule.


    Q6:Is it possible to manufacture with handmade?

    We don't provide service such as creating 3D data from handmade data. After preparing 3D data, please upload data from ”Make” page. As of corporate client, please contact us in “contact form”.