Notes when uploading a texture file

On the occasion of attaching a texture file on the data of Wavefront .obj format, “absolute path” also can be automatically attached. In that case, the data might be regarded as non manufacturable data by factories, please confirm below notes before compressing data by zip.
(Moreover, it’s not necessary if the data is created by vertex colour. )

1.  Check the contents of folder before zip compressing

ex) I will explain in the example that, for full color pluster output, draw out 3D model by the format of obj and create a texture data unfolded in UV way. Three kind of data (mtl、.obj、texture) are included in a folder.

2. Open a “.mtl” file on optional text editing software

As the above picture, when “absolute path” which like indicated by yellow line on ninth row, please perform below process.

※If “absolute path” is left, delete all of them excluding “relative path”.

《Referring to text editing software》
mi (Mac/Win)
Sublime (Mac/Win//Linux)

3. Delete absolute path, and then overwrite leaving only relative path.

On finishing overwrite save, close the data and compress by zip, and then upload them to rinkak. Doe to confirmation above, factories can manufacture them smoothly.