Q1:Order a product

The checkout procedure

1. Click the “Add to Cart” button on the page of the product you want to purchase. Products currently in your cart will be shown.
2. Click “Continue to checkout”
3. Enter the buyer’s address, the delivery address, and then click next.
4. Click “Order”. The details of your order will be transmitted and you will receive a notice of your order by email.



After choosing the payment and delivery methods, please complete the payment process.
The possible payment methods are “Pay by credit card” and “Pay with a PayPal account”.

When paying by credit card

Select “Pay by credit card”, and enter your credit card information. After payment is complete, you will receive an email informing you that payment is complete. For details on the payment methods, please check here.

When paying with a PayPal account

1. Choose “Pay with a PayPal account”, enter the email address and password you have registered with PayPal and then click the “Login” button.
2. Click the “Agree & Pay” button after confirming the details of your order. You will continue to the order complete page.

About cancellations

Transactions where payment has been completed cannot be canceled. If you have any queries about a product or the shipping methods, please get confirmation before making payment. For details regarding cancellations, please check here.

The flow of events following payment

Manufacturing will begin after payment is complete. Please wait a little while until your product arrives.