Q1:Register as a creator

In order to introduce your own products and list them on rinkak, you first need to complete member registration.
Please enter the below information when registering as a creator:

  • Your name ※will not be made public
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • An email address for transfers to PayPal
  • ※Your user name will be shown instead of your real name on the website and to the other party in your transactions.
    ※The email address and password you registered are necessary when logging in. Take care not to forget them.
    ※If there is an error in the email address entered at registration, communication from rinkak and transaction progress notices will not arrive. Please make sure that it is entered correctly.
    ※Please only register after reading through and agreeing to the terms of service and privacy policy located above the Join button.
    ※The PayPal email address is the account that proceeds from your rinkak transactions will be deposited into. The transfer cannot be processed if there is a mistake. Please make sure that it is entered correctly.


    Q2:About products that can be put on sale

    About products that can be put on sale

    Items that can be put on sale include artwork and products (daily goods, clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, furniture, electric lighting fixtures, interior goods, sundry goods, bedding, fine arts and crafts, room decorations, shoes, computers, telecommunications devices, office products, home electronics and parts and peripherals thereof) by individuals or small groups.
    When listing items, we ask you to conduct product introduction and sales only after specifying creator information.

    About products that cannot be put on sale

    We prohibit the listing of the product classes listed below.
  • Works made by other people (unless you have a contract to sell on behalf).
  • Items that are prohibited to be exhibited or sold by law.
  • Items that are in violation of the law.
  • Works that you do not hold the copyright for, works that you have not got permission to use, articles that violate the patent rights, design rights or trademark rights of a third party, and other items that you do not have valid usage rights for.
  • Firearms and weapons, cigarettes, medical and pharmaceutical products, animals, living organisms such as insects, items that do not satisfy the licenses or qualification requirements necessary for sale as stipulated by law, and all unlawful products.
  • High risk products such as explosives and fireworks, products that have a risk of being used for crime (air guns, stun guns and tear spray), knives that are prohibited to be carried by law, good luck charms, high value items that proclaim to provide talismanic value, financial products (such as shares and dividends), and items that are easily converted into cash such as widely circulated gift certificates and coupons.
  • Any other items this company deems to be inappropriate.
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