Q1:Listing products

# How to list a product

1.After login, click on “Upload Data” from the account page menu.
2.Enter the product name, select the modeling data file, the manufacturing material and then click “Upload”.
3.After uploading a picture of the work and entering each field, click “Register”.
* Please input the sales price in single-byte numerals only, without any symbols or punctuation.
4.Choose “List Item” after confirming each detail.


Q2:About receiving your product sales earnings

About the shop system fee

A shop system fee is imposed when a product sale is concluded. The shop system fee is 30% of the creator profit from the sales takings.

About receiving your product sales earnings

Earnings for the present month will be deposited into the PayPal account registered in “Seller Information Settings” by the 10th of the month after next. The amount that will be deposited is the creator profit from transactions completed between the 1st day of and the end of the month before the previous month, less the PayPal transfer fee and the 30% shop system fee.
* The transfer fee will be the seller’s responsibility. Thank you for your understanding.