LOFT & Fab Award 2015 powered by Rinkak
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LOFT & Fab Awards with "Useful Living Goods” as a theme had collected works used by UV printer, laser cutter, and 3D printer for about 2 months, from July 8 to September 9, and had 171 works. The selected works from the preliminary judging and the final judgement are as follows:

Grand Prize

Lampshade Zipper
Lampshade Zipper
Light bulb wearing lampshade
This lampshade consists soft materials with a zipper. It is shaped and 3D printed in once.
Jury’s Comments: The title, Light bulb wearing lampshade, attracts notice but is shaped and 3D printed in once. It is characteristic and interesting because of stamped patterns with a zipper on proper hardness polyamide If you imagine shadow produced by (rays of) light, the zipper might be unnecessary but cannot be ignored as an object. We evaluate it by not functionality,but rather rich imagination and challenging spirits. For these reasons, this Lampshade Zepper wins the top prize.

3D Printer Category Award Powered by Rinkak

Tap Assist
Tatsuo Ishibashi
Tap Assist
Light typing auxiliary tool which is easy to wear and take off
It helps PC user with physical dysfunction such as paralyzed finger to type on keyboard. This design which is easy to wear and take off; its ring pattern is inspired by Fibonacci sequence.
Jury’s Comments: Mass production product usually requires certain initial investment for making mold and keeping safety stock. Therefore, making auxiliary tool for the niche market is never easy by far. Benefit from 3D printing technology, designers nowadays can develop various of customizable products; moreover, that makes 3D printing technology more meaningful by bringing more people quality life.

3D Printer Category: Selected Design

LOFT & Fab Award 2015 powered by Rinkak
Clothoid.A lamp
LOFT & Fab Award 2015 powered by Rinkak
Ampersand Opener
Tatsuo ishibashi
LOFT & Fab Award 2015 powered by Rinkak
Hisaki Sato
LOFT & Fab Award 2015 powered by Rinkak
Starter Watch
Ginger Design Studio
LOFT & Fab Award 2015 powered by Rinkak
karakuri keyhook
LOFT & Fab Award 2015 powered by Rinkak
Pisa Toast
Kunikazu Hamanishi
LOFT & Fab Award 2015 powered by Rinkak
Umbrella Cap
Ryodai Mizuno
LOFT & Fab Award 2015 powered by Rinkak
Candle Holder

About The Contest

LOFT & Fab Award is an annual contest, designed by LOFT for seeking creative design and idea of digital fabrication and post processing technologies.

From this year, LOFT & Fab Award 2015 decided to add one new category of 3D Printer to this contest and open as a global design contest. Among many entrants, the products that have passed the Preliminary Judging will be displayed.

Other award-winning works

About The Exhibition

LOFT&Fab Award 2015, that seeks creative design and idea of digital fabrication such as 3D printer, laser cutter and UV printer, will be hosting an exhibition for all products that have passed the Preliminary Judging. From the displayed products, the Secondary Judging will be held to select the Grand Prize and each Category Awards.

Exhibition Information

October 23rd, 2015 - November 3rd, 2015 (JST)
Shibuya LOFT 5F LOFT& Creation
10:00 am - 21:00 pm
21-1 Utagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0042


"Useful Living Goods” is the theme for all of the 3 categories. Participation for multiple categories is permitted. Designs that had submitted to other awards, contests and media are also welcome.
  • Laser Cutter(*)
  • UV Printer(*)
  • 3D Print
(* This website is only for 3D Print. If you are interested in other categories, please visit this page.)

Judging Criteria

  • Level of improving living quality of daily life
  • Level of encountering 3D printing technology
  • Originality of your idea
  • Overall design

About Submission

Before submission, please check below details.

Submission Process (3D Printer Category)

Preliminary Judging

After uploading your 3D data, please type the title, concept and description of product editing page. (start date: July 8th)

Organizers of LOFT & Fab Award 2015 will contact you if your design passes the preliminary judging.

Secondary Judging

Submission that passes the preliminary judging will be 3D printed by Rinkak. * Physical submission is not required.

Through the secondary judging, organizers of LOFT & Fab Award 2015 will contact final winners and make the announcement at this web site.

Submitting Flow (For Preliminary & Secondary Judging)

Please submit your data, as follows.
Register your account at register page. If you already have Rinkak's account, please login.
Register/Login Page
Upload your product data at Make Page.
Make Page
Enter you product as this page by clicking 'Enter' button.
Deadline passed.


Open to all organizations, individuals, and groups regardless of age, sex, professional background, or nationality.

Judging Procedure

Preliminary Judging

Organizers of LOFT & Fab Award 2015 will judge according to the theme and concept.

Secondary Judging

The judges will select the final winners according to the theme, concept and the 3D prints of Rinkak.


Grand Prize
¥100,000 Cash
UV Printer Category Award
¥50,000 Cash
Later Cutter Category Award
¥50,000 Cash
3D Printer Category Award Powered by Rinkak
¥50,000 Cash
Audience Award
Loft Catalogue Gift Violet Course (Up to ¥10,500)


Masaaki Hiromura (Art Director)
Kubota Akihiro ( Professor, Tama Art University Faculty of Art and Design Department of Information Design)
Inada Masahiko (CEO, Kabuku Inc.)
Kamuro Shinya (Architect, TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc.)
Kakei Kenji(Company executive, The Loft Co., Ltd.)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please read this Terms and Conditions, Rinkak’s Terms and Conditions and LOFT & Fab Award 2015 Terms and Conditions (Japanese Only) before submitting to the contest. By submitting to this contest, you are representing that you agree to them. This also represents that you have authorization to upload and use submitting 3D model and own all copyrights for it.
  2. Copyrights and intellectual properties in submitted works must be remained with the respective entrants.
  3. As per Rinkak standard terms and conditions, winners hold all intellectual property. Winners and winning submissions may be asked to take part in any publicity resulting from this competition.
  4. All submissions will be documented and may be used for promotional purposes in their digital or physical form by Rinkak and Kabuku Inc..
  5. Submissions may have been made public before or concurrent to this contest.
  6. No purchase necessary.
  7. Users agree to share their Rinkak registered name, email address and home address with Kabuku Inc. by submitting. The information will be treated in compliance with the Rinkak’s privacy policy.
  8. The contest is Corporations, organizations, individuals, and group are all welcome, regardless of age, sex, professional background, or nationality.
  9. No correspondence will be accepted in case of dispute—the jury’s decision is final.
  10. The contest runs from 0:00 JST on July 8th, 2015 and ends 23:59 JST on September 7th, 2015. The winners will be contacted on November 3rd, 2015. Entries later than the deadline will not be permitted.
  11. Submissions with false information will be disqualified. Submissions with unknown address or unavailable to have contact will also be disqualified.
  12. The contest are subject to change or be cancelled without notice.


LOFT & Fab Award 2015 Organizers