About Bee7 Design Studio
Product Design charge Ozawa required
It makes the design proposed "simple modern" in the basic philosophy.
From your relationship with more than 30 years bag case industry, it is good at devising contraption (structure).
Concept proposals and research and basic concept proposed and trial, etc., it will support up to commercialization
Resin or metal, it will produce a variety of handmade goods in a variety of materials
Motif collection location is "nature".

Graphic & Textil Design responsible Ozawa thickness
From the experience of many years of apparel industry, it makes the total support to the market.
Design business other, and supports such as store development display exhibition deployment.
It makes the handmade various sewn products.

Work process
Listen to your story, collection and analysis of information.
Establishment of development policies and concepts.
After your request content confirmation note, it embarked start.
Your presentation of the basic concept proposed a few proposals.
Review meeting to the next step based on it.
And establish a policy towards the production of.
Design and decision.
Review for sampled. The start of the survey.
Sample proposal submission.
After completing the above process, to the production system.
Until the start of production, support the manufacturing process or the like.