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Bronze material has high strength, and is often used for medals, keys, steampunk style accessories, and artwork. It may cause an allergic reaction with people who have sensitive skin, so care is necessary regarding its application with accessories. With the lost wax method (one method of casting using wax), polishing will be performed after the model is printed. Please note that depending on the shape, building layers or burr that could not be removed in post-printing processing may remain.


General Information

Color Copper color
Texture Glossy
Max Size 89(mm) x 89(mm) x 100(mm)
Min Thickness 0.8(mm)
Cost Respect to Volume
Accuracy Low
Hollow Structure Available. A hole with over 4mm radius or two holes with over 2mm radius are required to evacuate inner material.
Strength High
Ships In 3-4 weeks
* If multi parts are ordered, schedule might change.