Trial Materials: Depending on geometry, they may not fulfill your satisfaction on some quality aspect. However, as they have high advantages on certain specifications, we are providing them for your trial.

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Full color plastic is a material that can be modeled in full color. It is widely used in the manufacture of figurines, models and colorized sample products. The powder is printed and binded layer by layer, therefore it is possible to form 3D models with a hollow structure. Also, because full color modeling is possible, complicated as well as colorful 3D models can be formed. Compared to full color sandstone this material is more durable, relatively flexible, thus is appropriate for fine parts. However, due to the printing process, the product may deform depending on weight and structure. Also, compared to full color sandstone, the colors may be printed pale, and black color tends to be printed gray. In addition, it is highly recommended not to keep the product under direct sunlight to avoid fading color. Please also be aware of the material's strong smell.


General Information

Color Fullcolor
Texture The surface has a rough, granular feel.
Max Size 203(mm) x 254(mm) x 203(mm)
Min Thickness 0.7(mm)
Cost Respect to Volume
Accuracy Medium
Hollow Structure Possible. One hole of diameter at least 25mm is necessary for removal of the support powder which emerges during the printing process.
Strength Normal. If the product needs strength with colored material, we recommend choosing full color plastic instead of full color sandstone.
Ships In Within 2 weeks
* If multi parts are ordered, schedule might change.