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The silver we use is the material that is actually used for items such as fashion accessories. This material is suitable for jewelry, fashion accessories and artwork. This has a glossy finish, and if it is optionally polished further, the surface will become even more beautiful. With the lost wax method (one method of casting using wax), polishing will be performed after the model is formed. Please note that depending on the shape, lbuilding layers or burr that could not be removed in post-printing processing may remain.


General Information

Color Glossy silver
Texture Glossy
Max Size 185(mm) x 280(mm) x 185(mm)
Min Thickness 0.8(mm)
Cost Respect to Volume
Accuracy High level
Hollow Structure Not available
Strength Same as ordinary silver.
Ships In 2-3 weeks
* If multi parts are ordered, schedule might change.