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Min Thickness

The minimum thickness changes with the dimension of the longest side of the modelled object. Please refer to the dimension below.

  • ~76mm:1mm
  • 76mm~152mm:1.5mm
  • 152mm~202mm:2mm
  • 202mm~:3mm

Stainless wall thickness

Minimum Clearance

Please set the minimum clearance for parts and for the model to at least 3 mm.

Hollow Structure

It is possible to reduce the volume of the model by making it into a hollow structure, therefore keeping the manufacturing cost down. When hollowing it out, please make one or more holes greater than 2 mm in diameter. This is necessary for removal of the support powder which emerges during the printing process. If the hole is too small, the support powder cannot be completely removed. It is recommended that several holes be created so that the removal process can be reliably carried out.

Stainless hollow structure

Embossed and engraved detail

Though the material can replicate fine details, for reliable production, we recommend modeling with a minimum dimension of 1 mm. Also, embossing height and engraving depth should both have a dimension greater than 1 mm.

Stainless engrave detail

Chain structures

Models with hinges attached and connected parts (such as chains) cannot be manufactured. Also, embedded structures such as a ball inside another ball cannot be manufactured.

Stainless chain structure

General Information

Color Mat silver
Texture Sandy feel
Max Size 750(mm) x 350(mm) x 350(mm)
Min Thickness 1.0(mm)
Cost Respect to Volume
Accuracy Medium
Hollow Structure Available. Hole with over 10mm radius is required to evacuate inner material. If it has hole, some models can not be manufacture because of complicated shape.
Strength So strength and good for large scale objects
Ships In 3-4 weeks
* If multi parts are ordered, schedule might change.