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The wood like material is developed from thinned wood chips, and has warm woody appearance. From the point of strength, 3D models need more thickness compared to printing with other general materials. On the other hand, the material can print hollow structures, which allows designs that could not be achieved in traditional woodworking. Since a fine powder is used for printing the layer, building layers and a rough texture are left on the surface. Also, the material has low water resistance and thus not suitable for products used under wet condition.


General Information

Color Brown (Natural Wood Color)
Texture Sandy feel
Max Size 250(mm) x 250(mm) x 200(mm)
Min Thickness 3.0(mm)
Cost Respect to Volume
Accuracy Low
Hollow Structure Available.
Strength This material is not strong, so it will break if it is dropped or applied force.
Ships In 3-4 weeks