I am making the 3D art work Four latest years. <br>I make my works with getting an inspiration from the japanese culture or nature. <br> <br>AKIRA WAKUI <br>Born in Nagano, Japan in January 1976. live in Osaka, Japan now. <br> <br>2002 | WAKUI AKIRA'S FIGURE&lt;Private Exhibition&gt; <br>2002 | FUNKY802 STREET ART EXHIBITION #7&lt;Participating exhibition&gt;@Osaka <br>2003 | Tokyo Doll &lt;Conpeticion&gt;Toronto Canada <br>2003 | GAISAI-3 &lt;Participating exhibition&gt;@Tokyo Japan <br>2004 | Graphics Art HITOTSUBO Exhibiton &lt;Conpeticion&gt;@Tokyo Japan <br>2004 | digmeout EXHIBITION &lt;Participating exhibition&gt; <br>2004 | AKIRA WAKUI EXHIBITION IN NY "GYOKUSAIMARU -&lt;Private Exhibition&gt;@New York <br>2004 | ZAKKA EXCLUSIVE 2004 HOLIDAY GUIDE &lt;Group Exhibiton&gt;@New York <br>2005 | Return of digmrout exhibition&lt;Participating exhibition&gt;@U.S. PORTLAND <br>2005 | AFFAIR at the Jupiter Hotel &lt;Art fair&gt;@PORTLAND <br>2006 | TREXI INVADES NYC @NEW YORK U.S.&lt;Participating exhibition&gt; <br>2006 | COMPOUND CONCOCTION@PORTLAND U.S.&lt;Participating exhibition&gt; <br>2006 | "eyes on"@Beijing Shanghai /China &lt;Participating exhibition&gt; <br>2008 | AKIRA WAKUI solo EXHIBITION @Tokyo Japan <br>2009 | Art Plus @Taiwan &lt;Participating exhibition&gt; <br>2009 | Tokyo contempolary Art fair@Tokyo Japan <br>2010 | SOLO EXHIBITION"Pretenders" @ OTO gallery, OSAKA <br>2010 | ART OSAKA@OSAKA Japan <br>2011 | SOLO EXHIBITION"wabinyo-sabinya" @Tokyo Japan <br>2012 | ART KYOTO@KYOTO Japan <br>2012 | ART OSAKA@OSAKA Japan <br>2013 | SOLO EXHIBITION"wabinyo-sabinya" @ KYOTO Japan <br>2013 | Young Art Taipei @Taipei TAIWAN <br>2013 | ART OSAKA@OSAKA Japan <br> <br> <br> <br>