New Creation

Creating is enjoyable.
Cooking, drawing pictures,
making a little present.
The enjoyment of creation, the delight when something has been completed,
these are things surely everyone knows.
However, it seems that recently, the opportunities to make something by
ourselves have become few.
That is a big shame.

rinkak has prepared the framework for new craftsmanship
in which 3-D printing technology is employed.
With that, what is drawn depends on the imagination of the people using it.
Even though it is the same hexagon, depending on who is drawing it,
sometimes it becomes a die, and sometimes it becomes a crystal of snow.
There are infinite possibilities for creating.

rinkak makes creating newer.
Adopting new technology,
the delight of creating is delivered to many more people.
Through new "creating,"
we are helping society have a little fun.

3D creation with rinkak

Only you have to do is to make 3D data.
If you upload your 3D date, we help you with making and selling products.