Bloodsoaked Odani Castle

Nagahama-city, Shiga A.D.1573
Odani Castle was on a fortress with relative elevation of 300m from Lake Biwa, and it was difficult to capture even for Oda Nobunaga. Anticipating a long battle, he started with the invasion of Yokoyamajo Castle. He engaged in a battle with Azai army across Anegawa River. Asakura with 8000 troops, Azai with 6000 troops, Oda with 20000 troops, and Tokugawa with 5000 troops. Oda was winning in numbers, but Azai had a good battle. It was a bloody battle that caused 8000–9000 casualties. Azai Nagamasa lost the battle of Onagawa River, and he turned back to Odanijo Castle. He held out until the end, but committed suicide by the sword at the end.
Highlights of the map
This time, we only focused on sheer Odani Castle that was the crowning glory of Azai.
Behind the scenes drama
Nagamasa’s wife Oichi was the younger sister of Nobunaga. Therefore, Oda family and Azai family were in alliance. However, Azai was anguished when Oda attacked Asakura. Azai was also in a close relationship with Asakura. Azai eventually broke away from Oda. Oichi learned that her brother’s life was in danger. She found out by an anonymous tip that Azai chose Asakura over Oda, and Azai was trying to kill Oda. Nobunaga was able to barely escape back to Kyoto, loathed Nagamasa since then, and they ended up in a battle. Nagamasa was cornered, returned Oichi to Nobunaga, let go of the three sisters (Chacha, Hatsu, Oeyo), and committed suicide by the sword in Odanijo Castle. The attitude of Nagamasa who protected what was precious until his fall makes us feel the noble, golden samurai spirit that could not be tainted by corrupt mind.