Fūrinkazan last flash

Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka A.D.1573
It was Takeda Shingen’s last battle with the "Fūrinkazan" Umajirushi (battle standard), who terrified the Oda/Tokugawa army. In 1572, Shingen went down south to Toutoumi with 30,000 troops and captured Futamajo Castle. It seemed as though he was going to capture Hamamatsujo Castle where Tokugawa Ieyasu waited, but he barged into Mikatagahara, leaving the castle on the side. Unable to overlook the situation, Ieyasu went to the battle. Even though Shingen defeated Ieyasu, he fell ill afterwards. Sengoku’s leading brave general showed off his power until the end.
Highlights of the map
Tokugawa Ieyasu had anticipated facing Takeda Shingen at Hamamatsujo Castle, so it was a miscalculation that Shingen passed through and headed to Mikatagahara. Historically, there is a theory for the reason of Ieyasu’s going to the battle being "We cannot ignore the enemy trampling on our own yard," but Oda army supported Ieyasu, and they also served as the watchdog. Therefore, there is a theory that he had no choice but to go to the battle.
Behind the scenes drama
"This is miso!" the young, future ruler yelled at his senior vassal. It is unknown whether it is true or false, but there is an anecdote that Ieyasu defecated while getting away from Shingen’s army during the battle. However, he became the ruler afterward. This is an episode that gives hope to everybody that there is a future with unlimited possibility.