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[About Fullcolor Sandstone]
Sandstone is a material that can be modeled in full color. It is widely used in the manufacture of figurines, models and colorized sample products. The powder is printed and binded layer by layer, therefore it is possible to form 3D models with a hollow structure. Also, because full color modeling is possible, complicated as well as colorful 3D models can also be formed. Although the strength of the material is increased by the use of a reinforcing agent, it is still a brittle material, so it is necessary to take care with fine or thin-walled pieces as they are easily broken. Also, the material has low water resistance, and thus not suitable for products used under wet condition.

[Difference between Sandstone (Regular) and Sandstone (Polished)]
The regular sandstone have building layers and has rough textures. On the other hand, the polished sandstone has been processed to eliminate the layers as much as possible. Refer to the comparison image for specific difference.

Fullcolor sandstone (Normal)
Full Color Sandstone (Regular)
Fullcolor sandstone (Polished)
Full Color Sandstone (Polished)


General Information

Color Full Color
Texture Sandy feel
Max Size 254(mm) x 381(mm) x 203(mm)
Min Thickness 0.9(mm)
Cost Respect to Volume
Accuracy Medium
Hollow Structure Available. Hole with over 25mm radius is required to evacuate inner material.
Strength This material is not strong, so it will break if it is dropped or applied force.
Ships In 1~2 weeks
* If multi parts are ordered, schedule might change.