About Bee7 Design Studio <br>Product Design charge Ozawa required <br>It makes the design proposed "simple modern" in the basic philosophy. <br>From your relationship with more than 30 years bag case industry, it is good at devising contraption (structure). <br>Concept proposals and research and basic concept proposed and trial, etc., it will support up to commercialization <br>Resin or metal, it will produce a variety of handmade goods in a variety of materials <br>Motif collection location is "nature". <br> <br>Graphic &amp; Textil Design responsible Ozawa thickness <br>From the experience of many years of apparel industry, it makes the total support to the market. <br> Design business other, and supports such as store development display exhibition deployment. <br>It makes the handmade various sewn products. <br> <br>Work process <br>Listen to your story, collection and analysis of information. <br> Establishment of development policies and concepts. <br> After your request content confirmation note, it embarked start. <br>Your presentation of the basic concept proposed a few proposals. <br>Review meeting to the next step based on it. <br>And establish a policy towards the production of. <br>Design and decision. <br>Review for sampled. The start of the survey. <br>Sample proposal submission. <br>After completing the above process, to the production system. <br>Until the start of production, support the manufacturing process or the like.