Igor Knezevic, the winner of Merit Award in Rinkak 3D Printing Design Contest

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- Congratulate of wining the Merit Award. Could you please talk about how you feel by far?

I am really happy I got the award for this piece of jewelry. It is a piece which is using material properties of nylon and its extreme flexibility. It is big encouragement to continue with this concept and create more designs.

- What inspired you to make “Wavelet. B bracelet”?

It is inspired by sound and dynamic flow. Waveforms are expression of sound in space and time. And then there is repetition or rhythm, expressed as symmetry in this 3D form.

- When designing “Wavelet. B bracelet”, what is the most challenging part?

Making sure that flexibility of nylon material is just right to be comfortable to wear, while at the same time keep it thin enough so that it is cheaper to print. This object can only be printed in nylon because it works because of extreme flexibility of that material.

- Through “Wavelet. B bracelet”, what type of art lovers you would like to share?

For most of my design pieces I feel if design is “elegant” then I succeeded in my intention. However, it is sometimes hard to describe “elegant”… and it also depends on cultural background of the person who observes the design. But I do believe to be “elegant” there needs to be underlying simplicity. No truly elegant design is ever complicated. I think this has lot to do with Japanese design in the past and present, which is in my opinion the best design culture in the world. This is why I am glad to have won an award at Japanese competition.

- Is it possible to transform “Wavelet. B bracelet”to other form of creature? If yes, what do you think it will become?

I do already have several designs based on similar geometry… most of these are
done using parametric or generative design tools, so they can be customized in many ways.

- What is your occupation in normal life?

Architect / Designer / Film Concept Designer
Link to the films I worked on at IMDB:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2251995/

- Regardless of 3D design, when did you start your design life?

I started creating illustrations and comics when I was 16… but first real design work was in architectural office in Germany in 1992. Continued with work in Vienna and London.

- Under what occasion you started the design life?

I was always fascinated by art and design so I drew comics and illustration and got that published in small magazines since I was 16 years old. Later I focused on Architecture.

- About design, what do you insist particularly?

Good question. I believe, to create good design, it is all about that process and method of designing and how you set about doing it I mean by that… what state is your mind in… as you work? I feel it is very important to create set of constraints at the very beginning within which you will proceed with attempting to bring good design forward. It may seem that to have complete freedom to do anything you can imagine is great... but that is not so, actually! Such set of constraints can resolve most of design problems – if it is wisely chosen. Somebody once said “half of the answer is already given in a good question”. You need to give up some of the control and embrace randomness. It is more like playing Jazz… you improvise as you go. Sometimes you fail. Actually, fail
happens a lot. Then repeat. Keep trying. About Your Inspiration to Design

- What inspires you to design?

Music / Science / Math  (I hated math as a kid… but now I realize there is infinite beauty hidden in there). About 3D Printing

- What motivated you to start the 3D Printing Design?

I got a chance to work with 3D printer in an architectural office, these were early ZCorp printers… but only after I realized material properties of SLS Nylon printing did I understand that 3D Printing is not only for “prototyping” anymore… but that it can be used to make real final objects. Recently there are many more options in materials including metals and silver / gold. Greatest thing about 3DP is that objects can be customized and improved without huge investment in production cost. Definitely helps in creating best possible design for the final customer.

- Could you please talk about your 3D Printing experience?

Process of designing for 3D printing is same as for any design technique… but it does give you more freedom…. However, it also has serious limitations at this point. I do make extensive sketches with many ideas. I have sketchbook with me at all times. Once I start working in 3D, however… this is used only as a reminder of my original ideas. Working digitally in full 3D is, for me, a process of exploration, especially if one is using parametric workflow.

His newest design for 3D print product [Tectonic Plate medium - Indigo]

- Is there any 3D Printing Design that you are planning now?

More larger scale 3D printed lamps… and also a collaboration with an roboticist / artist to create interactive wearable dress About Production Environment.

- What kind of design software you prefer to use? Also, what version is it?

I mostly use 3D Studio MAX, currently ver. 2015… also Rhino and Grasshopper
(parametric design tool) as well as 3D-Coat, Zbrush and Photoshop

- What is your user experience of that software?

For 3D modeling and design… I use these apps for 15 years or more so in that sense I feel I am advanced user… however, I do not believe you need to be an expert in 3D modeling software to create good designs. It is about having imagination and discipline to keep working.

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Igor Knezevic a.k.a Alienology

Based in LA, he focuses on digital design and making processes as well as on film concept design creating content for enterprises such as MTV Europe, Universal, Paramount, etc.. In 2009 he became founder and creative director of Alienology - a product design company, focusing on lighting and jewelry objects.

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Igor Knezevic, the winner of Merit Award in Rinkak 3D Printing Design Contest

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