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A cost effective way for product developers to exam test cases for accelerating product development cycle. With small lot of mass customized products, Rinkak delivers high-end quality prototyping and keeps your time on creating more products to the market.


The previous finishing of 3D printed products was no more than adding single color. Digital CMF Products challenges to this by developing further surface finishing technique of visual impression and tactile. Official 3D design data of OPC Hack & Make Project* is in use for this show case.

Note: OPC Hack & Make Project is an Open Platform Project of Olympus with hacker’s mind-set, allowing camera users, software developers and hardware creators to customize Olympus cameras lens by providing official 3D design data and software development kit (SDK). A lens-style camera is the project core with proven record among smartphone owners looking for better image quality without having to move to a completely different device.
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Camera Grip Parts

The camera grip parts are finished with: a metallic paint and an ageing process that gives the impression of steampunk style, a flocking finish that provides soft skin touch like moquette fabric, and a color paint with ordinary looks but has elastic touch thanks to special resin and additive.

iPhone6 Joint Parts

For the iPhone camera mount parts, the team developed new finishes: a Sunny-color process that changes its color by projecting sun light (UV light), a copper plating on nylon material, and a part filmed with pattern applying TOM forming process.

About Digital CMF Product

What can "Digital CMF Product" do for you?

Digital CMF Product is a mixture of CMF design (COLOR, MATERIAL, FINISH) and 3D print in digital fabrication world. With a wide variety of CMF services, product developers can now create more product personality for their designs.
Rinkak Digital CMF Product service provides 12 kinds of 3D printing materials such as Polyamide, Acrylic, Stainless and the likes for 3D printing.
More than that, we also provide different CMF services that makes the texture, tactile sensation and product personality of your prototypes more charming!