Rinkak 3D Printing Parter Program


Kabuku Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku; CEO: Masahiko Inada) is pleased to announce the release of “Rinkak 3D Printing Partner Program”. 3D printing manufacturers participated in this program are able to receive 3D printing orders from Rinkak. Rinkak commits to increase profit of the 3D printing manufacturers.

Rinkak is one of the largest 3D printing service & marketplace in Asia. This partner program offers to 3D print Rinkak’s 3D datas on commision in global.

3 benefits of this program are as follow:

# Make Money

FREE to participate in the partner program. You can make profits by manufacturing received orders from Rinkak. Rinkak will eliminate hassles like quotation, order management, bills management, etc. You can cut unnecessary costs and focus on manufacturing.

# Easy To Use

No need for special softwares; only Web browser required. All information for 3D printing is in a single web page with simple UI. No need for training to use our system. You can start your business right now.

# Reduce Idle Time

Make full use of idle time of your 3D printers by receiving orders from Rinkak.

If you are a 3D printing manufacturer and want to know this partner program, please visit our website below.


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