Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution: In-Game Customized 3D Figurine Printing Service Expands to Dragon Quest


TOKYO, JAPAN- December 21, 2015- Kabuku (Head Office: Tokyo, Shibuya; CEO: Masahiko Inada) debuts Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution- a 3D printing service for in-app customized characters, to the next level of immersion and demonstrates the future of gaming. The first showcase is the latest free-to-play smartphone game of Dragon Quest games of Square Enix Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, Shinjuku; CEO: Yosuke Matsuda), the best-selling console role-playing series internationally. Since the game was released in October 15 this year, it has been downloaded over 5 million times within a month. It lets players customize their Dragon Quest avatars, which will then communicate with other avatars made by other players. As Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution will be embedded in this game next year, players are free to make their in-app purchases of customized avatar prints anytime.

To promote this new service, Rinkak and Dragon Quest launched a conditional Christmas campaign that offered 100 prizes of free 3D avatar prints from November to December 25th 2015; by far, both companies receive lots of positive feedbacks. From February 2016, this service will be formally open for all players; and, on-going promotion campaigns with Dragon Quest series and continuous improvements of Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution will be taken place.

As for Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution itself; it is a flexible service that provides sales and production service of 3D figurine print on cloud for content provider such as game developers. When applying this service to games, no extra cost and application space will be increased; it is also possible to add more 3D features upon demands; game developers therefore can remain the focus on developing 3D modeling data and content. Through this showcase, Rinkak is seeking for global partners with 3D CAD or 3D CG content for building its pilot global showcase.

In 2015, Kabuku has taken significant steps to strengthen the supply chain of 3D printing industry by providing 3D design service, 3D modeling data repairing service, 3D print selling service, global 3D printing service, and 3D print delivery service. This showcase is one example of its 3D print selling service.

Summary of Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution:

■ Operation Flow:

■ Solution Characteristics:
(1) Transforming 3D modeling data to 3D printing data
(2) Supporting wide ranging of gaming device including multiple platform of game
(3) Producing 3D avatar through global 3D printing network
(4) Modeling for quality 3D figurine
(5) Providing sale oriented features such as 3D viewer, purchasing record, digital album for repeat purchase and online settlement
(6) Add-on gifting service for 3D figurine print will be available soon

※ Learn more about Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution:
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■ Campaign Schedule:
- 12/2015: Christmas lucky draw campaign close
- 01/2016: 2nd campaign starts
- 02/2016: Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution in the App starts

About Kabuku:

Kabuku is led by a group of passionate specialists with substantial experience with a vision of delivering cutting-edge services to the digital fabrication ecosystem. It is selected as Japan’s startup of the year for Hardcore Technologies Category by Forbes Japan for January edition of year 2016.

Through three service platforms - Rinkak Business, Rinkak Factory and Rinkak Marketplace, Kabuku provides 3D printing solutions to enterprises users, digital fabrication supports to creators for their worldwide activities, cloud based manufacturing management service to 3D printing bureaus; as the biggest global 3D printing network across 30 countries, Rinkak marketplace is also recognized as the top-tier 3D printing marketplace worldwide. Over the last 2 years, Kabuku has worked with leading brands and agencies including Toyota, Loft, the Conran Shop, Calpis, Fuji TV, TBS, Dentsu and Hakuhodo.


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