Craftsmanship Theme from Rinkak 3D Printing Marketplace Goes to Autodesk Gallery Pop-Up Tokyo


TOKYO, JAPAN- July 28, 2015- As Japan’s representative 3D printing marketplace, Rinkak, preserves, renovates and applies Japanese culture elements across different materials in digital fabrication to offer the public their thinking and work around the future of making and design. From 23 October to 8 November, their popular craftsmanship theme: mOment KUMO, SUMISAYA, and urushi will be displayed at Autodesk Gallery Pop-Up Tokyo.

Rinkak focuses on supporting the future of design and making things. Through this exhibition, Rinkak reinforces their commitment of supporting at the future of areas such as product design, architecture, social infrastructure, entertainment, fine arts and fashion to show what’s possible with the latest advances in 3D design technology.

During the exhibition period, there will also be various digital fabrication workshops and lectures where visitors can create objects with design software and 3D printers. The gallery will be open daily during this period from 12h- 18h and admission will be free.

Major Exhibitions On View:
・Indigo Dye x 3D Print Series: mOment KUMO:
・Japanese sword x 3D Print Series: SUMISAYA:
・Japanese lacquer x 3D Print Series: urushi:

Visitor Information:
The Autodesk Gallery Pop-Up Tokyo is open 12 p.m.–6 p.m.
Evening event is open from 7 p.m. (reservation only).
Admission is free. (part of the event required reservation).
The exhibition will be held at Ba-Tsu Art Gallery (5-11-5, Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo).



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