Rinkak Marketplace announces “Indigo Dye x 3D Print Design Challenge”


Tokyo, Japan- June 29, 2015: Rinkak marketplace is delighted to announce the call for entries to the design contest of “Indigo Dye x 3D Print ” to encourage more 3D creators applying traditional crafts- Indigo Dye on the latest technologies. The design contest period is from 29 June to 19 July 2015.

The craftsmanship x 3D Print series of Rinkak marketplace covers wide range of traditional crafts such as indigo dyeing, Japanese sword, and lacquer and had received many positive feedbacks among 3D creators worldwide. To boost more artistic 3D creativity among creators, Rinkak marketplace invited the craftsmans from Kojima, Okayama- the well known town for indigo dye art in Japan to begin a new chapter of 3D printing art.

The experience of making Indigo Dye x 3D designs will become a part of Rinkak creators’ pleasant memories of their design life. All winning designs will be collected and published in the global winner’s page at Rinkak marketplace.

“Indigo Dye x 3D Print Rinkak Design Challenge” Rules

Online Entry Site



All themes and categories are permitted.

Selection Criteria

1. Challenge to the traditional crafts & 3D printing
2. Creativity and originality
3. Idea feasibility


Selected 10 designs will be printed and indigo-dyed, and be awarded by $100 Rinkak coupon


Open to all corporations, organizations, individuals, and groups regardless of age, sex, professional background, or nationality.
This participation is free of charge; and submissions may have been made public before or concurrent to this contest.
The number of submission is unlimited.

Design Guideline

Participants are expected to design by polyamide.
(Reference site: https://www.rinkak.com/jp/materials/polyamide/details)
However, due to dyeing process, keep the maximum size to 150mm x 120mm x 120mm and the minimum thickness to 1.5mm.


Concept, design idea, and 3D data must be submitted by above online entry sheet.
(*Participation in the contest requires a Rinkak membership account. Membership account is free of charge.)

Jury Session

19 July until 31 August 2015.
(*Rinkak team reserves the right to change the result announcement date at any time without prior notice.)

Submission Deadline

July 27th, 2015, 23:59 (JST)


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