i-ROAD meets 3D Printing


Come and make a 3D Print for TOYOTA i-ROAD vehicle parts.
Customized 3D printed parts make you express yourself on the street now and future!

(* This service is now open to participants of Open Road Project)

Exterior Hood

Choose your own parts
  • FlameUnique and detail pattern of fire flame that ignites your aggressiveness for life!
  • Race SportCheckered flag and original number accelerate your driving experience
  • ToughHoneycomb geometry provokes strong and tough impression

INTERIOR Drink Holder

Choose your own parts
  • HeartsDifferent sizes of hearts represent every heart moving moment of your life
  • NumbersDecorate your daily commute with randomly placed numbers
  • OrganicStrong and flexible organic design bring more fun to your driving experience
  • Road SignsPlayful and functional road pattern on your hand
  • StarsRandomly scattered stars light up your journey
  • StreamlineStream pattern wrapping the bottle recalls smooth drivability of i-ROAD
  • ToughHoneycomb geometry provokes strong and tough impression

What can you do with 3D printing?

About Rinkak 3D printed, mass customized parts:

Rinkak allows users to customize their vehicle parts regardless the complex of design and cost of making molds and to make their 3D prints from 1 piece. Like the Open Road Project, participants can freely customize their parts by their own 3D data!

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About Wide-Ranging Printing Materials and Colors:

Provide wide-ranging printing materials such as Polyamide, ABS correspondent with wide-ranging color for prints.

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