Rinkak Announces Mass Customized Body Parts for Toyota i-Road


TOKYO, JAPAN – July 6, 2015 – Kabuku today announced its experimental operation for providing mass customized body parts for Toyota i-Road Personal Mobility Vehicle. Overall, the project will run for approximately a year.

Kabuku aims to respond the spirit of Toyota Open Road Project that encourages the practical, convenient, and fun customization of i-Road by Rinkak Mass Customization Service. The service strength is to 3D print customized vehicle parts from one piece. Project participants customize and 3D print body parts with colors and surface designs of their choosing to express themselves. From this July, i-Road with customized parts can be seen in Tokyo. (Reference site: https://www.rinkak.com/us/openroad?hl=en)

Through these trials, Toyota aims to study the best ways to develop products and services that will build on the key strengths of i-Road. Mid-project entry and the addition of new potential products or service customization will be actively encouraged with a view to enhance the product appeal of the i-Road.

Rinkak Mass Customization Service allows enterprise users to take advantage of the service strength to study consumer insight and better understand their own product usage.

(1) Product Customization:

Enable consumers to customize their own vehicle or electronic parts in terms of surface texture, color, and finishing through web and mobile application.

(2) On-Demand Printing and Fulfillment:

Adopt on-demand printing model to support enterprise users producing from 1 piece of product without keeping any stock.

(3) A Wide Range of Printing Materials and Colors:

Provide wide-ranging materials such as ABS, Stainless, Titanium correspondent with wide-ranging color for prints.


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