Welcome to DecoBoco Map Sengoku edition!

You can make the map of Japan into a 3D map here, and it can be purchased as a 3D print.
We will explain how to play with the warrior lineup theme.


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Update the base image ×

The selected image will be automatically turned into a square.


When map height is very large, it can lead to issues when printing.

How to use 3D printed map "DecoBocoMap"

  • First/Select a map

    Operate the map with a mouse, and display the area to make into 3D.
    Move position: Drag
    Zoom: Scroll

  • Make it into 3D

    After deciding on the map, click the 3D icon in upper right.
    Wait for a while until 3D process for the display area begins.

  • Produce a 3D feel

    Change the elevation of the 3D map freely by using the left buttons.
    You can create a strong convexconcave feel, or pursue realistic elevation. Enjoy your production the way you want!

  • How do I customize the picture on the convexconcave map?

    Image data of the map can be downloaded and edited.
    In the 3D status, click the [Update the base image] button in lower left of the screen. Edit the downloaded image in Paint software, etc., then upload.

  • How do I make it into a 3D print?

    To print a 3D map, select the size and click the "Purchase on Rinkak" to purchase. Wish for the fortune of war and wait.

  • Note

    • ∗Recommended browser: Google Chrome
    • ∗The digital elevation data comes from the GSI Altitude API created by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan(GSI.)
    • ∗The tile images are provided by OpenStreetMap(CC BY-SA 2.0.)
    • ∗If you have any inquiries about the Decoboco Map, please fill out this form.

Click the image you want to see

  • What can you do with 3D printing?

    About Rinkak 3D printed, mass customized parts:
    Rinkak allows users to customize their vehicle parts regardless the complex of design and cost of making molds and to make their 3D prints from 1 piece. Like the Open Road Project, participants can freely customize their parts by their own 3D data!

  • About Wide-Ranging Printing Materials and Colors:

    Provide wideranging printing materials such as Polyamide, ABS correspondent with wide-ranging color for prints.

  • DecoBoco Map 1.0

    Date first available: April,22 2014
    Pixel resolution: 256x256
    Zoom levels: 7 phases
    Range of the map: Japan
    Award: Japan Media Arts Festival 2015 Recommended Works of Entertainment

  • DecoBoco Map 2.0 Basic

    Date first available: June 2015
    Pixel resolution: 512x512
    Zoom levels: 12 phases
    Range of the map: Japan